Nostalgia Found at Jane’s Fountain


Truth be told I LOVE hole in the wall, mom & pop restaurants. While the rest of the world splendors over the latest and greatest new restaurant, I seek the old hidden gems, the kind of places that stir up nostalgic memory’s of the good old days.

Today I stumbled into a small saimin shop called Janes Fountain in Liliha. I’ve seen this place in passing many times in the past however to it called out to me.


The simple sight that reads Saimin caught my eye and I quickly made a U turn to go check it out.


Upon closer inspection of the outside, a broken neon sign sits above the shop going unnoticed to most passerbyers. I could only imagine what this sign would have looked like in it’s glory days.


There was a feeling of magic as stepped into this place. Thoughts of grandmas kitchen and Tanoyes popped into my mind. My mind was on auto pilot with a predetermined meal in mind. Won Tun Min and a hamburger. After taking notice of the menu, I saw many other favorites that I must come back to try.




The food came out just the way I liked it. Nothing fancy, nothing special… Just the nostalgic goodness of a familiar past.


As I soaked in the atmosphere of an disappearing era, I noticed an old school jukebox. The jukebox was wild and was filled with songs from a younger day. Awesome!


Just wished I had loose change. 25 cents for two song selections. Mental note, must come back and do try this!!

Also noticed this functioning olden day cash register! The lady said its 63 years old!!


After all was said and done, one thought remains… “I think I just found my new old favorite place to eat.”

Janes Fountain
1719 Liliha St
Honolulu, HI 96817

(808) 533-1238


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