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Problem: A couple weeks ago my Check Engine Light (CEL) came on while driving. Initially I didn’t notice any performance problems while driving under normal conditions. After driving a little more, I noticed that the turbo blowoff/diverter hiss was a louder than usual. Upon hooking up my VAG, I saw an error code of – […]

Bulb Comparisons Stock vs. Xenon Superwhites vs. LEDs The Challengers Stock vs. Xenon vs. LED Stock vs. Xenon vs. LED Stock vs. Xenon vs. LED Dome Map Glove Box   Dome Light Comparison LED vs. Stock Xenon Super Whites vs. Stock LED vs. Xenon Super Whites   Map Light Comparison LED vs. Stock Xenon Super […]

The goal of this install was to have a clean install with that maintained that stock look. I decided to that I wanted to keep my steering wheel track and volume controls so I opt to stick with the factory Concert II head unit. I wasn’t impressed by the factory subwoofer so I decided to […]

Audi A3 LED Light Conversion – DIY Finally got around to upgrading my interior lighting in my Audi A3(8p) to LED Superwhite bulbs and I have never been happier. I considered using xenon gas super whites however I made the choice to go with LEDs. After doing hours of research, I couldnt really find anything […]